Andrea Bianco

- Italy

In this episode of Everyday Humans meet Andrea Bianco - Sculptor, father and odds beater.

After an accident left him blind in 1991, Andrea has had to relearn everything from a new perspective. Overcoming his obstacles with great enthusiasm, he's now a sculptor, paving the way for others by helping establish the first class for the blind at the Sacred Art School in Florence.

Director: Giulia Faccin
Talent: Andrea Bianco
Supporting Talent: Nicola Hornaecker
Music Composers: Vladislav Martirosov

For taking out the 1st Place Student Award, young filmmaker Giulia Faccin won:
+ $1000USD
+ Syrp 3-Axis Kit
+ Syrp Variable ND Filter
+ Think Tank - Video Workhorse 21
+ Goal Zero Venture 30