Who’s your Everyday Human?

Know a human? Make a short film that tells us their story and be in to win $50,000USD in cash and prizes.

That's right, we're back for our second year and this time we're giving away even more $$. 

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Make sure you head over to Zooppa to read the full rules and requirements, and grab any talent releases and all the other important information you'll need to know before you begin. This is where you'll enter your film when you finish filming too!

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The Brief

Through creative filmmaking, create a short film that tells us a story about an everyday human you know. Capture their chat, antics and what makes them tick in a short engaging film (max. 4 minutes long). This is a chance to really showcase your creative chops and push some boundaries. 

Your chosen human (or group of) can be anyone who has an interesting story to tell – from the guys who run your local corner store, to your old school principal or even your Nan. We’re not looking for product placement or advertising either, so try and refrain from focusing the story on a company or product. You can use whatever equipment that is available to you. The emphasis here is on storytelling - it can be a hard task capturing someone’s character in 4 minutes or less, but that’s exactly what we want you to do. 

You'll also need to supply us with a social cut of your short film and 2-3 hi-res behind the scenes images.

For the social cut, this doesn't have to be a 20-30 seconds consecutive section of your short film.  As long as you're using the same footage that's in your final entry, it can  be edited separately. This is for posting out on social media if you win - think of it as a teaser - so try to showcase the best bits your film has to offer. There is to be no type of graphics or text in the social cut, just pure unadulterated short filmy goodness.

The behind the scenes photos (BTS) are exactly that - we want to see you while you film! These are also to be shared around if you win to help promote your short film, so keep that in mind while you're taking them.

Awards Criteria

  • 40% compelling storytelling, capturing the everyday human-ness of your chosen human
  • 30% production quality and use of creative production techniques such as time-lapse, stop motion or otherwise
  • 30% originality

Winners and use fee recipients may be asked to complete minor revisions, including:

  • Slight VO changes
  • Editing out a scene
  • Graphics changes
  • Adding or editing an end slate
  • Blurring of logos etc.

Winning videos will be shared on EverdayHumans.com and on the Everyday Humans Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social channels. Winning content will also be promoted across the Syrp social channels and in their newsletter. 

Remember to head over to Zooppa - it's really important to read all the requirements and make sure you have talent releases and any other things you need to keep in mind when filming.

The competition closes on 8 November 2017, so get out there and find your human!